Today on Market Street Radio 9/18/2012

              We are excited to have Professor Lehmann in studios today. He will be talking to Max an EJ about the real estate meltdown 0f 2008 and where the real estate market is potentially going.  Also, Max and EJ talk about squatters and their effect on the vacant home […]

Sometimes doing your best means leaving your commission on the table..Short Sales

Recently I completed this short sale, we had listed the property for 2 months and had not received any offers.  I did a comparable market analysis to see if prices were in line with what the area was demanding and it seemed like the property was priced well. The problem was the homeowner’s association(HOA) was […]

Duties of a Property Manager: Things have changed.

Managers are economists. A professional property manager must have a comprehensive understanding of the economic forces at work in the real estate market. We at CALPMG have to be able to evaluate the property in terms of operating income, forecast its potential for the future and construct a management plan that reflects the owner’s objectives […]

Smart Buildings are showing up all over San Francisco

Smart buildings needs smart managers; property managers need to be on the cutting edge of technology in order to adapt to cater to the needs of clients who require sophisticated space.  Technology is changing so rapidly that buildings that are not properly wired to accommodate new technology may soon become obsolete. Increasingly, developers are adding […]

Heck ya! I love the concierge. He knows all about the city.

Concierge Services A fixture in France for years, the concierge, is traditionally define as a doorkeeper or lobby attendant. Originally, a concierge ordered tickets for the theater, sporting events and other attraction, made dinner reservations and arrange for messenger or delivery service, limousines or taxis, among other services. Concierges are now being placed in office […]

Thieves are sinking to an all time low

Last week, I had an early dinner with my co-workers at Broken Record a cool little hang out in the Excelsior. My boss used to live on this street and they had their first office on Geneva so for them it was nostalgic as we walked along the busy stretch of concrete I was sort […]

Buying properties through delinquent property tax. Absolutely real.

About a year ago I read about a way that people bought property through acquiring tax liens. I got through about half of the book and started reading another novel, so today when I was going through my daily consumption of news I came across an article of a purchase at a tax auction in […]

Farewell, Chris Diez! C’est Finis…@ Redfin

  Today was my brother’s last day at, 5 years and some odd number of days later – my brother decided to call it quits.  There is something to be said about his longevity and commitment to Redfin’s mission. I remembered the day when I received a call from then vice president of real […]